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Illuminating the London Stage: A Graph Visualization Journey into Centuries of Theatrical Performances

· One min read

We enthusiastically accepted Nightingale's Data is Plural Visualization challenge and embarked on a captivating journey into the world of London's theatrical history. The dataset was the London Stage Database, a remarkable collection curated by the University of Oregon's Mattie Burkert. Comprising over 100,000 performances from 1660 to 1880, along with detailed notes and cast lists, this treasure trove of information provided us with an exceptional opportunity to explore the captivating world of London's theatrical events.

Delving into this vast dataset, we recognized the potential of graph visualization to unravel unseen connections and patterns. Here's what we've got:

A_Graph_of_London_Theatrical_Performances A_Graph_of_London_Theatrical_Performances_1

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