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React usage

@cosmograph/react is a library that allows to easily integrate the Cosmograph into React applications by providing handful pre-built Cosmograph React Components for analyzing graph-based data.

These components provide a simple interface for displaying and interacting with graph data. The library also provides a useCosmograph hook, which allows developers to access the Cosmograph instance and data from within their components.


The CosmographProvider component is used to provide a Cosmograph instance and data to the rest of the application using React's Context API. To use CosmographProvider, you need to wrap your application with it and pass in the nodes and links to initialize the Cosmograph with some initial data:

import { CosmographProvider, Cosmograph } from '@cosmograph/react'
import { nodes, links } from './path/to/data'

function App() {
return (
<CosmographProvider nodes={nodes} links={links}>
<Cosmograph />
{/* Your app components */}

It's important to note that you must initialize Cosmograph inside CosmographProvider for other Cosmograph React Components to work properly. Otherwise, they won't display because they depend on it.

Regardless of how deep the Cosmograph React Components are located in the component tree, just ensure they are wrapped in the CosmographProvider.


Once you've wrapped your app with CosmographProvider, you can use the useCosmograph hook to access the cosmograph instance and nodes and links data provided by the provider:

import { useCosmograph } from'@cosmograph/react'

function MyComponent() {
const { cosmograph, nodes, links } = useCosmograph()

// You can use cosmograph and data here

return (
// Your component JSX

Note that useCosmograph must be used within a component that is a descendant of CosmographProvider. If you try to use it outside of the provider, an error will be thrown.

Available Components

Currently, there are four components that are ready for use with React:


Our components support refs and can be accessed via useRef or useCallback for enhanced control and management. Read more about it in the components documentation.

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