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Citing and licensing


If you use the Cosmograph software in your work or scientific research, it is important to properly cite it to acknowledge the contribution of the developers. When citing Cosmograph, please include the following metadata:

Rokotyan, N., Stukova, O., Kolmakova D. & Ovsyannikov, D. (2022). Cosmograph: GPU-accelerated Force Graph Layout and Rendering [Computer software].

This citation includes the names of the developers (Rokotyan, N., Stukova, O., Kolmakova D., & Ovsyannikov, D.), the year of publication (2022), the title of the software (Cosmograph: GPU-accelerated Force Graph Layout and Rendering), and the medium (Computer software). The URL ( should also be included to provide a direct link to the software.


Cosmograph is freely available for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial CC BY-NC 4.0 public license. Please note that this license does not permit commercial use of the Cosmograph software. For more information about the limitations of this license, you can refer to the following resource.

If you're planning to use Cosmograph commercially, reach out to us for a Buisness license.

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